Transplantation and General Surgery

Introduction to division of transplantation and general surgery

Kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation have been mainly performed in our department. Occurrences of dialysis patients have increased in number recently and have become an important issue. Kidney transplantations have been done since 1956 in our institution. The number of kidney, liver and pancreas transplantations are respectively 999, 97 and 9 patients in our institution until Dec 2015. We have come to expect good results.

Content of treatment

Our department consists of transplantation and general surgery.
  1. Organ transplantation
    Kidney and liver transplantation from living donor have been mainly performed in our department.  We also deal with kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation from brain death donor. Please see our home page ( for a description of each organ transplantation.
  2. General surgery
    #Vascular Access: We deal with access for starting kidney replacement therapy
    #Inguinal hernia: Endoscopic surgery is adopted to reduce postoperative pain.