Palliative Care Center

Palliative Care is for patients with serious diseases, and is centered on taking away pain and discomfort of the individual patient, so there will be a higher quality of life.
As a specially designated regional hub in the fight against cancer, advanced cancer treatments take place at our hospital. Patients who undergo these treatments often experience physical and mental difficulties. We want to support all cancer patients, and their families, from the point of diagnosis throughout their disease with the right palliative care.
The Palliative care center was set up in 2014 to bring together all the various facilities and specialists within the hospital. Such as the palliative care unit, the pain clinic, certified cancer nurse counseling, and the palliative care ward.
Activities of the center include:
1.    Monitoring and controlling the side effects of cancer treatment.
2.    Mental support for patient and family.
3.    Support for family caregivers.
4.    Counseling around notifications.
5.    Care coordination.
6.    Pain treatment.
7.    Management of the palliative care ward.
8.    Training and education in palliative care of medical staff.
Members of the Palliative care team include, a physician for both physical and mental indications, a cancer certified nurse specialist, a pharmacist, and other specialists depending on the needs of the patient (dietician, physiotherapist, social worker etc.).