Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Room of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, University Hospital delivers emergency care to 20,000 patients a year. The core of our patients is as follows.
  1. Visitors of the outpatient department with a worsened condition.
  2. Patients who have been referred by other medical institution and are in need of emergency surgery, or an endoscopic procedure.
  3. Patients from other institutions who are in need of emergency treatment in the field of ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology or urology.
With the growth of the elderly population and the advancements of medical care, the number of emergency transfers has nationwide doubled during the past 25 year. As an emergency care facility our hospital as well will have to give a larger contribution to the people of our region.
In 2001 the Emergency Care Department was started with two lectures. With the support of doctors from the various specialties education has been provided to medical students, residents and paramedics. With the goal to further improve the framework of emergency care, the Department of Emergency Medicine was founded in 2010.
As a university hospital we have the mission to provide advanced medical care. At present we are not able to respond to all requests from patients and medical institution for emergency care. Without putting too much strain on the specialists at our hospital we strive to improve the care for emergency patients.

For Patients Seeking Treatment

Because of emergency treatments and the care of hospitalized patients the waiting time at the emergency room can be long. In some cases we even need to ask you to visit another hospital or clinic. Therefore please contact the emergency room before you come to the hospital. 075-251-5645.
Furthermore please note the following regarding the care provided.
  1. You will be seen by the attending doctor of the Emergency Room.
    (You can not directly go to one of the specialist departments)
  2. Not all specialized examinations can be conducted. 
  3. Medications can only be prescribed for 4 days.