For Patients & Visitors
For Patients & Visitors



Payments can be made at the payment machines on the ground floor of the outpatient hall, or at counter number 5, between 8:45 am and 17:00 pm. For payments outside of these hours please go to counter number 10. We accept both cash and credit cards.

Japanese Health Insurance

If you have Japanese Health Insurance, you will need to pay 0 ~ 30 percent of the part of the hospital bill that is covered by the insurance. The percentage depends amongst others on your age and income. There are furthermore programs to support patients with a high medical bill, one parent families, young children, and pregnant women. The available regulations differ between cities, therefore please inform what applies to you at your local ward office.
Please make sure to bring your valid insurance card every visit. Also, please keep information, such as your address, up to date.

Foreign Insurance

In general you will need to pay your hospital bill up front. The procedure to get the money back, differs between insurance companies. Therefore, if possible, please consult your insurance company on its policies before you go to the hospital. If you need a medical certificate or doctor’s note, ask your doctor for one during your consult.
In case of hospitalization please get in contact with your insurance company as fast as possible. Please follow their instructions to get support for payment and possible assistance for repatriation.
Finally, please make sure you have the necessary documents for your insurance, and continuation of your care, before you go home.


Please make sure not to lose your receipt, because it cannot be reissued. In Japan you can use the receipt for matters such as tax returns.
If you need a receipt in English please inform during payment or at counter number 2, Medical Consultation.