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Q. Can the doctor speak English?
A. There is a number of English speaking doctors. Some doctors however prefer to have an interpreter present. If you do not speak Japanese it is best to arrive on a weekday before 11:00, when at most times an interpreter will be available.
Q. I need to work during reception hours, can I come in the afternoon?
A. The reception for new patients, and patients without reservation is open between 8:45 and 11:00, if you cannot go to the hospital during these hours we recommend you to look for another hospital or clinic.
Q. Can I have Halal food during hospitalization?
A. Unfortunately the hospital does not offer Halal Meals. However we will do our best to accommodate, such as by leaving out meat from the menu. Please consult the staff before admission.
Q. Is the baby milk at the maternity ward Halal?
A. The milk that is used on the maternity ward is not Halal. If you do wish to have Halal milk for your baby, please make sure to have it upon admission.
Q. I would like to have a specific medication
A. The hospital wishes to respect the opinion of patients. However, please keep in mind that certain medications may not be approved for the Japanese market, or may be under strict regulations. Please consult your doctor on possible treatments.