The department of Radiology has three subdivisions: Radiotherapy, Interventional Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging.

1. Radiotherapy
Treatment is offered for cancer such as: head and neck, lung, breast, esophageal and prostate cancer. Together with related institutions and departments we strive to offer a type of radiotherapy that is both effective and minimally invasive.

2. Interventional Radiology
Various types of complicated Interventional Radiology take place, both for diagnostics purposes and treatment.

3. Diagnostic Imaging
Diagnostic imaging with the use of X-ray, CT and MRI are central to radiology. Organic lesions, such as infections, tumors and injuries can be diagnosed. And it has recently become possible to not just measure the shape but also the functioning of organs. With the smart usage of different imaging and contrast techniques valuable data for diagnostics can be obtained.