Department of Medical Safety Management

The Division of Medical Safety Management, University Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine was established in April 2003. "Medical Safety" is one of the most important factors in the quality of medical care, because, in recent years, medical care has become complicated and the chances leading to unfavorable accidents has increased. In order to provide high quality care to patients, we work to make the hospital system that can prevent medical accidents.


The medical safety management division consists of a director, a vice-director, a full-time medical safety manager, and administrative staff. In addition, each department has a risk manager who checks the safety issues and implements a safe environment. The main activities of the medical safety management division are operating the medical safety committee under the hospital director, operating risk manager meetings, analyzing reported incidents, and planning strategies to prevent medical accidents. From analyzing the past cases, we plan the trend and countermeasures, and teach hospital staff to prevent a recurrence. We set up training sessions for hospital employees and new medical staff several times a year, inform about the incidents which occurred in our hospital, and introduce newspaper reports about medical accidents to take caution and prevent medical accidents. We promote and enhance the culture of medical safety in our hospital through the activities of a support team for artificial ventilation, the round-up check by our staff, and the creation of guidelines for medical safety.