Infectious Diseases

Our hospital is a specially designated hospital for the treatment of infectious diseases and AIDS. The Department of Infectious Diseases was set up in 2014 to improve the care for patients with infectious diseases.  In 2015 an outpatient clinic for travel vaccinations was furthermore started. We strive to have up to date information regarding infectious diseases as fast as possible, and offer optimal care.
Outpatient Clinic
The treatments offered at our outpatient clinic are centered on HIV/AIDS and imported infectious diseases (such as: malaria, dengue fever, and traveler’s diarrhea).
HIV is still not curable, but with the advancements of medicine it has changed from being deadly to a chronic infection. To offer patients a long term and reassuring treatment, specialized doctors, pharmacists, and a network to social services are present. In this way, next to control of the disease, social and mental support is offered.
Travel Vaccinations Clinic (appointment only)
Services offered are:
-Provision of information on infectious diseases.
-Advice regarding vaccinations for travel.
-Immunization (various sorts of approved vaccines and imported Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, and rabies vaccines).
-Advice on malaria prevention.
-Proof of vaccination
The following is not offered: vaccinations to under 20 year olds, health certificates, medication for the prevention of altitude sickness.
Please note the following regarding vaccinations.
1.    Before getting vaccinated you will need to sign consent forms written in Japanese, we therefore ask you to have a Japanese speaking person accompany you.
2.    We can only accept a limited number of new patients every week. Make a reservation well in advance.
3.    Certain vaccines take a while before they have effect, therefore please contact us well before your departure.
4.    The type and schedule of vaccinations used in Japan differs from other countries. When possible, please make sure to bring detailed information regarding your vaccination record.
For an appointment call 075-251-5134. (Mon~Fri, 9:00~16:00, limited English)