Department of Rehabilitation

We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy mainly to inpatients in acute phase of various illness or postoperative period. At the request to each medical departments, doctors belonging to our unit consider the needs and prescribe specific rehabilitation therapies.


According to DeLisa JA, a famous rehabilitation physician, rehabilitation is defined as the development of a person to the fullest physical, psychological, social, vocational, avocational, and educational potential consistent with his or her physiolosical or anatomical impairment and environmental limitation.
We offer the personalized rehabilitation aiming at the best recovery for each patient, as a unit of rehabilitation medicine in a University Hospital, where a variety of highly advanced medical treatments is served routinely.
Main medical conditions of our targets include orthopaedic conditions (arthroplasty, hand surgery, spine surgery, foot and ankle surgery, musculoskeletal tumor, rheumatic diseases, etc), neurologic diseases (stroke, neurodegenerative disorder, brain tumor, etc), cardiovascular diseases (coronary artery disease, cardiac surgery, etc), otorhinolaryngological diseases (head and neck tumor, dysphagia, etc), and respiratory disorders.
We also carry out related research such as motion analysis, for example, in cooperation with various clinical departments of our university.