Thoracic Surgery

We manage thoracic medical treatment for lung cancer, metastatic lung tumor, mediastinal disorder and pneumothorax. We aim to offer safe and secure medical treatment that suits individual patient’s lifestyle or way of thinking as well as disease itself. We make strong with a position of University hospital and offer the cutting-edge medical technology for a citizen in Kyoto Prefecture.
Please ask us for second opinion for your treatment, if you worry about the treatment.

Content of treatment

Lung cancer

Reflecting an aging society, more and more people suffer from lung cancer, which is a leading cause of cancer death in Japan. For patients with early-stage lung cancer, we aim to radical resection using minimally invasive procedures through video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) with high-definition monitor system. For patients with locally advanced lung cancer, we coordinate multimodality therapy in combination with the experts of respiratory medicine and radiology. We collaborate with the cardiovascular surgeons and anesthesiologists for extended radical operations.

Metastatic lung tumor

More and more patients with metastatic lung tumor have chances of being candidates for surgical resection of metastatic lung tumor due to advances in cancer medication, such as anticancer drug or molecular-targeted drug. Minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery makes contributions for cancer patients, even those who have undergone surgery for other organs.

Mediastinal tumor

For benign mediastinal tumor, minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery is often indicated. For malignant mediastinal tumor, we need to consider the characteristics of the tumor and decide optimal treatment plans.
Thymoma is thymic epithelial tumor with low-malignancy that is expected to be cured by complete resection, even if its stage is 4 with pleural dissemination. The nature of thymoma is different from lung cancer. Thymoma is occasionally associated with auto immune diseases, such as myasthenia gravis, pure red cell aplasia, or hypogammaglobulinemia. We offer safe perioperative management in collaboration with the experts of neurology and immunology.
Malignant germ cell tumor often occurs in young men. We aim for the cure via multimodal therapy (chemotherapy and surgery) in collaboration with the urologists.


Pneumothorax often occurs in young man or elderly people with emphysematous lung. In most of the cases, bullous emphysema is the cause of pneumothorax. The treatment is determined according to the extent of lung collapse: (1) Treatment with rest, (2) Placement of drainage tube into thoracic cavity, (3) Bullectomy (surgery).
Surgical treatment through thoracoscopic procedure is often chosen for young patients with spontaneous pneumothorax, considering their future social life. Pleurodesis is also a choice for elderly patients with pneumothorax who have high surgical risk.